Contrad 2000 - Cleaning concentrate

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Contrad 2000 - Cleaning concentrate


Also known as DECON 90 in some countries.


Surface active cleaning agent, and/or radioactive decontaminant, for laboratory, medical and industrial applications.

NOT suitable for domestic applications.

Supplied as a liquid concentrate, for dilution with water. For ‘manual’ cleaning, or for use in an ultrasonic cleaning bath.

Biodegradable, phosphate-free, Bactericidal, non-flammable and totally rinsable.

Milky white, non-viscous liquid, having faint odour.

Prepare a 2% to 5% solution of Contrad 2000 with water†.
Fully immerse the items to be cleaned and soak for 2 to 24 hours, depending upon the degree and tenacity of the soiling.
Problem contaminants can be treated by increasing the solution strength.
Cleaning time can be reduced by heating the solution (40°C to 50°C) or using in an ultrasonic cleaning bath.
The cleaned items must be rinsed thoroughly as soon as they are removed from the cleaning solution, and dried. We recommend three agitated rinses in water† to ensure removal of all traces of contamination and cleaning agent.

Supplied in high density polyethylene containers, with "tamper-evident", screw-on caps.

For cleaning and/or decontaminating glassware, ceramics, rubbers, plastics, stainless steel and ferrous metals.

Being alkaline, Contrad 2000 is NOT suitable for use on non-ferrous metals, notably aluminium and zinc, or on polycarbonate.

An emulsion of anionic and non-ionic surface active agents, stabilising agents, non-phosphate detergent builders, alkalis and sequestering agents, in an aqueous base.
Contrad 2000 does NOT contain Phosphates, Enzymes, EDTA/NTA or Chlorine Bleaches. 


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