Paint remover

Paint remover


In this category you can find paint remover to remove paint and other finishes from a underlying surface, for example wood.

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For use on large surfaces, mild smell, extremely lasting and intensive solvent, easy to wash-off due to soap thicke-

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Delivery weight: 6 kg
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Product no.: 1051

Mild smell, extremely lasting, strong solvent. For removing of 1-component lacquers, oil paints, etc. from wood, metal, facades,...

Product no.: 1052

Removes 2-component lacquers, epoxy, PU-lacquers from wood and metal surfaces. Strong and fast solvent.


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Delivery weight: 3.5 kg
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Product no.: 1053

Removes 1-comp. synthetic resin lacquers, powder lacquers, epoxy, 2-comp. lacquers, etc.  from metal, dense mineral substrates, wood

Product no.: 1055

Industrial cleaner - for the elimination of paint removal deposits especially on wood, fat remover for metal, soot removal after damage

Product no.: 1057
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Product no.: 413

"Radikal Abwachser" - removes quickly and efficiency old layers of wax, cleans wood from dirt and residuals, etc.

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Product no.: 627

A powerful tool for a variety of uses, for example the removal of old lacquer and paint, the fitting of plastic tubes, etc.

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Product no.: 401

Radikal Abbeizer - penetrates deep into the wood enhancing the grain and providing a bright finish.

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Product no.: 400

"Radikal Abbeizer" - liquid product methylene chloride based, studied to remove with efficacy any wood varnish

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Product no.: 144

Formic acid min. 85 % technical grade. Synonyms: Methanoic acid, CH2O2. Available in different packing sizes.

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Product no.: 153

Technical grade. Synonyms: ethanoic acid, methanecarboxylic acid. Available in different packing sizes.

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