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Product no.: Z205

Pure propylene glycol, title min. 99,7 %, pharmaceutical quality. Useful as a solvent or as ingredient for artificial smoke.

starting from 3.68 *
Product no.: 1607

Contains tung oil and other ingredients which penetrate deep into all types of timber, drying to a hard, durable and water restistant seal.

Currently unavailable

Product no.: 301

A quick hardening filling product for a repair of damages - available as box with 20 bars or as single bars

starting from 3.07 *
Delivery weight: 0.6 kg
Product no.: 300

ready for use, for a quick repair of damages - available as box with 20 bars or as single bars

starting from 23.90 *
Delivery weight: 0.4 kg
Product no.: 247

Amber from the Baltic sea region. Suitable for the preparation of high quality varnishes, for example used in lutherie.

starting from 4.46 *
Product no.: Z153

Air-dried aromatic resin obtained from Boswellia trees. Available in different packing sizes.

starting from 3.27 *
= 65.40 €
Product no.: 703

Akapad enables the safe and effi cient dry cleaning of different surfaces. Different types available.

starting from 6.59 *
Delivery weight: 0.1 kg
Product no.: 173

Synonyms: Potassium ferrocyanide, Potassium hexacyanidoferrate(II), (Yellow) Prussiate of Potash, K4[Fe(CN)6] · 3H2O.

starting from 27.45 *
Delivery weight: 1.2 kg

In stock

Product no.: 240

A high quality oil very well suited for treatment of leather and as lubricant for delicate machinery. Available in different packing sizes.

starting from 6.96 *
1 l = 2.78 €
Product no.: 141

Set consisting of two different solutions to get easily an antique patina on brass objects.

8.19 / set(s) *
Delivery weight: 2.5 kg
1 l = 4.10 €

Currently unavailable

Product no.: 621

Maintain your metal with Brasso Metal Polish Wadding. For use on brass, copper, stainless steel and chrome.

starting from 5.20 *
Delivery weight: 0.15 kg
Product no.: 622

Long Lasting. Silvo Metal Polish Wadding for Silver, Gold and Electroplate with Tarnish Guard.

starting from 5.95 *
Delivery weight: 0.15 kg
Product no.: 251

Beeswax white (bleached) in drops, excellent quality, matches requirement of the European pharmacopoeia.

starting from 3.27 / kg *
= 32.70 €
Product no.: 252

Suited e.g. for polishing, as a pore filler for shellac application,... Available in different packing sizes.

starting from 4.12 *
Delivery weight: 0.5 kg
1 kg = 8.24 €
Product no.: 253

Gum tragacanth, powdered. Natural resin without additives. Available in different packing sizes.

starting from 9.01 *
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